Methods and Industrialization

Product life cycle management

The methods used by COVATECH such as agile methods (Scrum, Kanban) for software or PLCM (Product Life Cycle Management) for electronic and mechanical subassemblies make it possible to energize and make reliable the Research and Development phases of your mechatronic projects.

Planning and Developments

project management

Guarantor of the Quality / Cost / Deadline triptych through support ranging from customer needs to the production of industrial products, software, electronic cards or mechanical sub-assemblies, COVATECH manages all R&D phases by providing reliability and innovation to your products.

R&D partnerships

Outsourced design office

COVATECH's expertise covers various technical and scientific fields such as analog/digital electronics, thermal, mechanics, metrology, algorithms, but also real-time embedded software. By operating as an outsourced design office, these skills will allow you to realize your projects

technical expertise

Covatech provides its expertise in the form of technical assistance in various technical and scientific fields

simulation, analog and digital design

schematic / routing (Altium Designer)

choice of components

PCB manufacturing (prototype, pre-series, series)

unit tests, integration tests

reliability / sizing: analysis of operating margins

thermal tests

real-time embedded development: C/C++ language

µC: ARM7, Cortex-M4, µP: i.MX, Zynq

OS / RTOS: Linux, Windows, Iocto, FreeRtos, MQX, Zephyr...

Web application: html5, JS

QA Testing: Realization of test plans, Automation of web application tests with Selenium

Mechanical drawing

Drafting of procedures

Choice of subcontractors

Production process

Product manufacturing records

Certification, EMC, OC scheme for international

Thermal Tests

Environmental tests

R&D partnership

In addition to these specific skills, Covatech gives you the benefit of a network of R&D experts in all areas of industry.
Covatech's expert partners complement and assist your R&D teams.
The technical and scientific fields covered by Covatech partners cover all phases of industrial research and development:

let's make your projects a reality

Benefit from more than 15 years of experience in the development of R&D projects and the industrialization of mechatronic products